Standards-based grading

Standards-based grading, is a method for teachers to measure how students are doing in progressing toward meeting the learning goals for their grade level as determined by their state's standards. Learning goals, sometimes called learning standards, are the academic skills your student should know or be able to do for his grade level by the end of the school year. In Oregon, students need to meet Oregon State Standards.

Standards-based report cards give a grade or mark for each learning goal or standard, so students receive multiple grades or marks in each subject area. In 7th grade math, for example, you'll see the subject broken into several standards, such as operations/algebraic thinking and fractions. You'll see a list of math knowledge and skills your student should know or be able to do, as well as a grade or mark showing how your student is doing.

Work habits-in District 9 we label these as Behaviors-are graded separately to provide an accurate picture of your student's academic achievement. Behavior includes aspects like completing tasks on time, being prepared for class, managing oneself and being a good citizen.