How Progress is Measured

Oregon State Standards proficiency descriptors

District 9 students are graded on their proficiency of Oregon State Standards with these descriptors: One big change with standards-based grading from traditional letter grades is that we grade work by proficiency levels, not percentages. It's more useful to know that your student has met a standard than that he/she has a B with 84 percent. Another change is that each grade or mark on the report card represents a skill or knowledge standard your student has had the opportunity to learn. Teachers grade to specific standards and not to an overarching content area.

For formative assessments, teachers use this rubric:

Teacher's rubric for proficiency assessments

For summative assessments, a rubric generally accompanies the project, test, presentation, etc. Students are measured against grade level standards and they will probably earn "1's" when the standard is introduced. As students develop skills and demonstrate proficiency, their marks will improve. The target is "3" or proficiency. A "4" exceeds the grade level standard.